Saturday, September 10, 2011

Off the Beaten Path: Blackford Hill

Most of Edinburgh’s popular attractions are located in the city center: the castle, the royal mile, the museums, monuments, and all those famous cafés and pubs.  As a student on very limited funds, however, I’m not able to live there. The residential village I live in however, has plenty of it’s own attractions that most tourists may miss.

As I said in Sightrunning, my daily run is perfect a vehicle for discovering these attractions.  On a run, I discovered this fantastic view.

This is Blackford Hill.  Located 2 miles out of the city centre, it’s 539 feet high, and offers a variety of trees, trails, look-out points, flowers.  Perfect for a picnic, jog, or a short break from the city.

Sadly, the royal observatory perched on top of Blackford Hill is members’ only.  This didn’t stop me from snapping photos from the outside though, and I’m sure I’ll visit Blackford Hill again and again- highly recommended!

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