Monday, October 31, 2011

Shetland Part 3: Muckle Roe

Muckle Roe

I've mentioned before that in only 2 days in Shetland, we did a lot of hiking.  Of all the hikes we undertook, though, 3 hours on Muckle Roe, a little Isle of Shetland's west coast, was most challenging, and most rewarding.

Our hike started on the wee beach of Muckle Ayre.  It was unimpressive in size and didn't contain much sand, but did have a sort of romantic charm- tucked behind rolling hills on one side, and red cliffs on another, the place felt so secluded. We didn't remain there long, though, instead charging right up a steep slope in search of Muckle Roe Lighthouse.

The hike wasn't easy- there wasn't much of a trail in some areas, and given the amount of rain in Shetland, it was quite muddy.  At one point I slipped and fell on my butt (more embarrassing than painful), and in the end, it took us well over an hour to find the lighthouse.

And when we found the lighthouse, it was so disappointing.

Next to the saddest lighthouse in Shetland, however, was a cliff overlooking a little pool.  And in that little pool bobbed little heads- seals!  We perched ourselves on rocks for a short rest, watching the seals play before heading back to our böd for a big dinner.

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