Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sandwiches at the Summit

Psst... guess what!  I discovered something important  the other day. No, I didn't learn what Scots wear beneath their kilts.  And no, I didn't meet the Loch Ness monster. But it was a major revelation, something you should know if you ever visit Bonnie Scotland.

I discovered the best place to eat a sandwich in Edinburgh.  Here it is:

No offence to all the lovely delis and cafes I've patronized throughout my time here, but no restaurant could ever compete with the atmosphere of Arthur's Seat.
View of Arthur's Seat from the Meadows (park).  The "seat" is the highest part in the middle.  The cliff face on the right, the one that looks a bit like a wall is called Salisbury Crags.
On a melancholy and I'll admit it, slightly hungover day, this 822 foot (250.5m) volcanic mass offered me a perfect midday escape from twiddling my thumbs, waiting for University to start back up, and complaining about how I miss all my Erasmus friends.  It was steep enough to burn some of the previous night's excesses, but gentle enough for me to tackle safely with a slight headache. The climb was precisely the kind of cathartic hard work my lazy body needed, and it helped me rid myself of all the restlessness brought on by a 6-week holiday.  By the time I reached the top and unwrapped my sandwich (brie, grape and chutney), I had a better sense of zen than any yoga session had ever given me.

Fun fact: Although many people believe it to be named after King Arthur, experts say the hill's name is likely a perversion of Ard na Said, Gaelic for "Height of Arrows"

At this point I could waffle on about the majestic, world-shattering view at the top of Arthurs seat, but if you follow this blog, you've heard me say this in my posts about Craighouse, Blackford Hill, The Scott Monument, and The Pentland Hills.  I realize that my trumpeting on about the city skyline is becoming meaningless, perhaps even annoying. Suffice it to say any high-up view of Edinburgh is wonderful, as Edinburgh is a wonderful city.  End of story.

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